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The name of this site reflects two important priorities in my writing. Firstly I want to explain how a monetary economy is an economy that mobilises the future production (material, human, social) in which we all play a part, whether as manufacturing or service workers, healthcare or education professionals, entrepreneurs, parents or just people trying to do the right thing by our fellow humans. Since we will all play a part in this production, we should all share in determining how and what is produced and who benefits. For a fuller explanation of this point about the nature of money and banking please read my article ‘Understanding Money’.

The second priority is to put forward, and to analyse, proposals that could change the future of our economy and society along the lines proposed, without sacrificing but actually enhancing, true efficiency of economic output and genuine individual freedom.

The articles and papers you will find here are largely based on my research in monetary and macro-economics. I have a PhD in this area from the University of Stirling, UK, and I am working on a book which I hope will be accessible to the intelligent non-economist reader, as I believe these issues are much too important to be left to economists and policy-makers alone.

I have have presented papers at academic conferences and have recently published on monetary economics in the journal Metroeconomica. I have taught economics at the University of Edinburgh. Until 1996 I was a general medical practitioner. I am also an award-winning landscape photographer and have a serious love of classical music and opera.

You can read my full CV (pdf 15.4Kb)

You can contact me by email at diarmid@futureeconomics.org

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Hi Dr Weir,

Just letting you know the link to “Understanding Money” in your About Future Economics page is not pointing to the correct address.


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